Jersey Finance are very confused about the nature of politics

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I note that the Jersey Evening Post has published reports of the meeting I referred to yesterday when referring to the capture of Jersey by the finance industry for the benefit of the finance industry but that these do not seem to be on line. I thank friends in Jersey for sending them to me.

First, and to continue yesterday’s them, I note that Geoff Cook, the CEO of Jersey Finance had some fascinating things to say about the status of the organisation he manages. For example. It’s reported he said:

It’s not appropriate for Jersey Finance to consider political issues as it is a commercial promotional body and not a political body.

Well that’s an interesting idea. Because in their presentation to that meeting Jersey Finance said that they had in 2010:

Developed 18 laws and regulations

Note, they didn't say they lobbied on this. They said this was their achievement. And they're right to do so. Because they do write this stuff. Note, they say they did so using 5,700 hours of finance industry time. So let's not beat around the bush - these laws were written by the finance industry. They weren't something they lobbied for. They were laws Jersey Finance wrote and which the States of Jersey passed.

In the circumstances the claim that Jersey Finance is not involved in politics is blatantly untrue. They're the major driver of the poloitical process in Jersey. Their denial of this just shows how little they respect the process in which they are engaged, which is fundamentally political - and yet they deny it.

Why is that?