GPs are saying no

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I watched some of the debate on the The Health and Social Care Bill in parliament last evebing.

I was shocked (yes, honestly - I mean shocked) by the Conservative's lies.

The Health Minister for example claimed quality was the basis for competition on the basis of the NHS price tariff - he did so twice - and ignored the fact that he's abolishing the tariff that ensures this is the case.

But more interesting is news I heard yesterday that quite a number of GP practices are simply refusing to engage with the issue of setting up GP consortia for commissioning.

They say there is no law yet.

They say they have not been consulted.

They say they do not have the skills.

They say this will prejudice patient care.

They say they cannot fulfil the obligation to provide GP services and do this.

They say they will be in breach of contract if they don't supply those services.

And as a result they're just saying no.

It will only take GPs to do this for the whole system to fall over.

I hope enough have the courage to do so.