Coulson would have never planned this story today – so why is it out now?

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Andy Coulson has quit number 10.

There is no way on earth he'd have planned this for today.

Blair's in trouble. The Tories won't the media focus to be on Miliband and Balls. There is no way on earth the Tories would have planned to issue a story on Coulson today.

Unless they had to.

So what's going to happen next.

Peter Oborne has questions needing answers. The best is this:

In particular Cameron’s judgment is under scrutiny. Cameron will at some stage need to come up with a full explanation of why he decided to appoint Coulson as Downing Street Director of Communications. What checks did he make? What enquiries did he make of Coulson himself? Did he discuss the matter further – for instance at one of his private meetings with Rebekah Brooks, the chief executive of News International (and Coulson’s predecessor at the News of the World)? The ‚Äòrogue reporter’ account of events transparently did not add up to pretty well anyone who knew anything about how newspapers worked. Was David Cameron really na?Øve enough to believe it? But if he didn’t believe it, why on earth did he hire Coulson?

Miliband may not have wanted a reshuffle. But at least he did not self inflict the wound.

This one has further to run.