Happy Mac

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I think I've made enough Airfix kits, cooked enough, played enough games and generally been Dad enough to have a few minutes playing with my new MacBook Air.

This is the first Mac blog.

I love the keyboard. I love the way it feels. I love the look.

Nothing is in the right place! I will get used to it.

Being methodical I've been trying to set things up and not just play. I'm not much of a player on computers - and have never played a computer game bar those my sons occasionally ask me to partake in. So one word of warning when shifting systems - or indeed if you're not: invest time in remembering and recording passwords. It has taken me some time for me to do so. And if you've been doing this as long as I have then you have some pretty old ones - one email account totally baffled me but access has now been gained - ditto two ftp accounts which have not been played with in a millenia and yet were I realised in use - which identified an immediate small source of cash saving as a consequnce.

But for the machine itself, silly things are bugging me as yet. Is there a universal macro writer? I used one on the PC called Key Text which simply let shortcoded text be written anywhere on the system with a few pre-arranged key strokes (massively useful for things like definitions and so on) and I have no idea where the equivalent is yet here - which is rustrating.

And where's "delete"?

I should maybe play with the main box first and not learn on the portable.

But one thing I can say for sure is that without a doubt this is the best portable keyboard I have ever used - I love it. It's like a dream compared to the Samsung netbook and I thought that was good.

And one other thing - how does correction work? I'm using Google Chrome as a browser as I'm familiar with it and it offers me the inevitable red line and no hint that it's going to offer obvious auto-corrects? Why? Where's right mouse correction gone from the PC?

I see a couple of weeks of frustration coming up - but also pleasure in the offing.

Now, back to the cooking. And no, I'm not kidding - it is one of my pleasures. Better than thinking about tax all the time - and that I'm taking a break from.