Committed to the wrong economic policy

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There are tales all over the press about Lib Dem ministers having little confidence in ConDem policies.

It looks right to me for Douglas Alexander to say for Labour:

Government ministers are only saying in private what we have been saying in public Рtheir changes to child benefit are ill thought-out and unfair … It's increasingly obvious just how little influence the Lib Dems have on this Tory-led government.

But there’s a little more to it than that. Sure there are concerns about student fees, and cuts in child and housing benefit. And yet that’s the detail. There’s no indication of concern about the direction of policy it seems, just its implementation.

And that’s what remains worrying about the ConDems – that they are committed to the wrong economic policy. What we need are measures to tackle unemployment. Then the government deficit would resolve itself. But there’s no hint we might get that.