The Tories – dedicated to making it tax haven UK

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I gather that Associated Press have reported this morning that Northern Ireland political leaders have been handed a government paper on devolving corporation tax powers to the region. The proposals will be considered by parties over the Christmas period before the long haul to have any agreement and legislation put in place.

I have, of course, written extensively on this issue and believe first of all that the EU will object, secondly that the arrangement can’t compete with the Republic and thirdly that Northern Ireland can’t afford the £300 million in lost grants it would suffer to do this – at cost to ordinary people.

And remember the CBI has said it could not guarantee a single new job will be created as a result. That’s because the promoters of the idea tare blatant – that they want to attract profits (hit money avoiding tax) to Northern Ireland but not costs (jobs).

But another Tory minister intent on creating change for changes sake goes with the idea all the same – regardless of the social and political consequences.

No doubt this accords with their theory of government – which is to deliver chaos.

But it’s a disaster for ordinary people.