If that’s the best the opposition can do they’re in trouble

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I note that Mallen Baker, the man whose article I responded to when writing The Ethics of Tax avoidance on Friday features in the Observer this morning repeating his really bizarre argument that:

In most developed societies, companies have the right – as do individuals – to arrange their affairs in such a manner as to minimise the amount of tax they pay. It is legal, even honourable. After all, a company that goes bankrupt because it paid more in tax than it needed to would be neither responsible nor competent.

One observation: no company has ever gone bust by paying too much corporation tax. By definition income is available to pay it if it is due.

One question: since when was it honourable to get round the law?

If this is the standard the opposition in this debate has reached they are in trouble.

PS I guess disclosure requires that I note I appear in the same article