Huhne makes a mockery of the “greenest government ever” as O’Donnell smells the coffee

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Chris Huhne has betrayed his own Green principles and shown the true colours of the ConDems by willingly sacrificing green investment to the financial crisis. How on earth can we get a green economy or new jobs if we are not willing to invest in it? The opportunity will pass, we will not beat climate change and we will not end the recession either. Huhne once fancied himself as an economist. God knows what sort — because he clearly is clueless based on this performance. The reality is we need a Green New Deal.

Gus O’Donnell on the other hand, as head of the civil service, seems to have seen the light. As the Guardian notes:

Britain's top civil servant has urged the Treasury to prepare contingency economic stimulus plans, including fresh capital spending on infrastructure, in case economic growth falters in the new year.

The paper drawn up by Sir Gus O'Donnell, head of the home civil service, was prepared in the last few weeks and is circulating inside Downing Street.

It came as it was confirmed that the business secretary, Vince Cable, is concerned by the direction of Treasury policy, describing officials as "thirties fiscal fundamentalists". The Liberal Democrat's remarks suggest there may be an economic policy dispute developing inside the coalition.

There ought to be.

They’ve got it fundamentally wrong.