Just don’t get ill, whatever you do

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As the Guardian notes:

The government has no "credible plan" to make NHS savings of £20bn by 2014 aa committee of MPs warns today.

The figure would represent "unprecedented" efficiency gains if the quality of care is to be maintained, say the MPs.

Stephen Dorrell, the former Conservative health secretary who chairs the select committee, said the NHS chief executive, Sir David Nicholson, had warned that the 4% productivity improvements required by the £20bn cut had "never been achieved in the history of the NHS or any healthcare system in the world".

Let’s put it another way: the government is tasking NHS GPs, who are wholly unskilled to do the job, with the task of producing the greatest increase in efficiency in the history of world health care.

They’ll fail, as the government intends they should.

Then they’ll try privatisation on very long contracts that they hope no future government will dare reverse. That will fail too – but it won’t matter by then, they think – billions of public money will have been captured for private gain in perpetuity, which is what they want.

And in that way in full privatisation of the NHS will happen.

Except it won’t. Rioting –or violence will have stopped it well before then. When the President of the Royal College of GPs is already warning its members to expect to face anger and threats from their patients at their role in seeking to impose these impossible cuts the situation is going to implode long before we reach this situation.

But people will die on the way.

And that’s unnecessary.

And a ConDem choice.

The words “callous” and “bastards” come to mind. Nothing else does. They know what they’re doing.