Christian Aid calls for GAntiP and country-by-country reporting (subtly!)

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From the FT today:

From Mr Alex Cobham.

Sir, A study into measures to tackle tax avoidance is a welcome first step towards meeting the coalition’s commitment to confront the issue (“Doubts cast on rule to tackle tax avoidance”, December 7).

Still lacking, however, is a clear commitment to ensuring that developing countries share in the benefits of an international climate less tolerant of corporate tax dodging in general.

As Angel Gurr??a, secretary-general of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, has highlighted, developing countries suffer revenue losses from tax dodging that are in excess of all aid received.

If the coalition government is serious about tackling avoidance, and serious about ensuring value for money for UK aid, it must take a lead in demanding that its own, welcome commitment to transparency is extended to the corporate sector through changes to international accounting standards.

Alex Cobham,

Chief Policy Adviser,

Christian Aid,

London SE1, UK