AV: Yes campaign is in the lead

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Left Foot Forward reports:

An ICM poll for the Electoral Reform Society shows that voters want a switch to the Alternative Vote (AV) system by a factor of 3:2. Thirty five per cent say they will vote ‚Äòyes’ in the referendum, with 22% voting ‚Äòno’ – and 35% undecided. The poll showed support across social classes and regions. The only age group with a majority against is 55-64 (31% yes, 33% no, 29% undecided). The findings are at odds with polling for YouGov which has shown the 'No' Campaign in the lead.

The poll also suggests that Labour would gain an electoral dividend from taking a clear pro-AV stance on the issue.

Labour needs to ignore its old order and embrace this issue. AV is sub-optimal. I accept that. But it’s vital all the same if gthat is all we can get.