SAB MIller doesn’t get it

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SAB Miller has been accused of tax avoiding by Action Aid.

Note: it has been accused of tax avoiding. That’s legal. Unethical. But legal.

In response they have said:

'Compliance with tax laws underpins all of our corporate governance practices.

'We are open and transparent in our affairs.

'SABMiller strongly rejects the allegations made by Action Aid in its recent report on the group's tax affairs.'

Two things: first they’re not open and transparent. Their Mauritian accounts are not available on public record.

Second, no one is saying SAB Miller is not complying with the law.

Action Aid are saying it’s tax avoiding within the law. And that’s legal. It’s also unethical. And it’s costing 250,000 African kids their education. That’s what Action Aid are saying.

Why doesn’t SAB Miller get it? Or are they making the case for Action Aid, without even knowing it?