Another note on comments

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I would remind commentators of the comments policy on this blog.

This makes clear that I do not tolerate the use of this blog for the regurgitation of neoliberal (or worse) thinking which has ample opportunity for expression elsewhere.

Nor do I tolerate anti-democratic commentary.

And repetition is not argument β€” it is boring. So it is deleted.

I also reserve the right to decide that a commentator is simply seeking to waste my time by commentating excessively with the sole apparent purpose of consuming my energy in dealing with their own predilections. Even if each comment would by itself be acceptable I will in such cases delete comments to save my own time, and that of the majority of readers. If someone who wants to comment here six times a day is that keen to blog please do it elsewhere β€” not here. You can always try to link β€” but I’d add I only show links when I think they have any merit β€” and I have yet to find a libertarian one with that quality.

And for all those who say this is censorship, I yet again repeat that editorial freedom is vital in a  democracy. Which is why IO don’t enter into correspondence with those whose comments I have deleted. Just go and post them elsewhere. It’s really as simple as that.