Jersey, you have nothing to be afraid of – well except Murphy & Christensen

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This letter in the Jersey Evening Post is too funny not to reproduce:

From John Boothman.

I READ with interest the attack by ex-Senator Ted Vibert of the Jersey Democratic Alliance on Jersey’s zero-ten corporate tax regime (JEP,16 November), guided he tells us by Richard Murphy of the Tax Justice Network.

Local politicians who sup with Mr Murphy and his colleague John Christensen should use a long spoon. The TJN has dedicated itself to destroying Jersey as an international finance centre, and their assault on zero-ten is just one part of this greater campaign.

If they are successful in their larger objective, the Jersey economy will be laid waste and many thousands of Islanders, both those directly employed in the industry and those dependant on it, will face ruin.

Evidently the JDA’s brief flirtation with political moderation is now at an end — something for voters to bear in mind when next year’s elections take place?

I haven’t supped with Ted Vibert since 2005, I think — and then it was a pint of bitter at most, as I recall. And after this distance in time I can't now recall whose round it is next.

It’s interesting that Jersey lives in such fear of what I and the Tax Justice Network are doing: the endorsement for our effectiveness is gratefully received. But whistling and hoping we’ll go away is, let me assure Mr Boothman, a forlorn policy. The momentum for change is overwhelming, and suggesting two of us are behind it all is amusing but wrong. I really think he should equate himself with Plan B. The altenative is now required and those who will suffer are those who don’t prepare for the inevitable.