Lord Young – saying what the ConDems think

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Lord Young said what the Tories really think to the Telegraph yesterday. To summarise, the message was:

"We’ve never had it so good.”

And he’s right. They haven’t. They’re capturing the state for their own private gain at a rate that hasn’t increased the divisions in society for their benefit sine the time of the enclosures.

And have not a moment’s doubt that this is what the ConDem programme is all about. It is about capturing the benefit of the ongoing taxation revenues paid by the working people of this country to enhance the profits of a limited number of corporations and so increase the wealth of an elite in this country.

The truth is that private enterprise has lost its way at present. There is almost no innovation that it is willing to undertake, although the needs are pressing, for example for a green new deal. Instead private business is simply stockpiling cash,having no clue about what to do with it, and having no profitable investment opportunities of their own on the horizon. And in the absence of their complete lack of imagination all they can do is seek to capture the state because that is the only source of profit that they can now foresee.

If in the process they have to make well over one million people redundant, what do they care? They won’t be people they know.

And if people go without education, health care, pensions,the means to feed their children, adequate homes, and are forced to move to put a roof over their head, again, what do they care? This won't happen to any of their friends.

Lord Young exposed the callous indifference of the Tories , now shared by at least some of the Liberal Democrats. He didn’t make a mistake. He said what he really thought, and what the Tories think.

Yesterday we saw an EU official confirm that tax haven states  declare war on their neighbours. And yesterday Lord Youngmade clear that the Tories have declared war on the people of the UK. Those are the issues that we are facing.