It’s tax avoiders who are anti-capitalist

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I note that Liberal Conspiracy has drawn attention to an article in the Daily Telegraph that describes the Vodafone tax protestors as “anti-capitalist”.

This is utterly ridiculous. The Vodafone tax protesters are demanding that companies:

1.  Seek to uphold the rule law;

2.  Minimise risk for their shareholders by being tax compliant, as is their duty;

3.  Reduce the cost of tax collection in the UK;

4.  Do not abuse the tax sovereignty of the UK by routing transactions through tax havens;

5.  Do not abuse monopoly power;

6.  Do not create artificial barriers to entry for competitors by exploiting tax advantages only available to established companies;

7.  Be corporately socially responsible;

8.  Pay the taxes that their customers, employees, suppliers, and stakeholders are all dependent upon for the provision of the services that they expect in accordance with the democratic mandate that the people of the UK have provided to the government.

And that is anti-capitalist?

Far from it, these protesters are seeking to uphold the capitalist system. It is the tax avoiders who are trying to exploit it, and in the process undermine its very existence.

The Telegraph ought to get its facts right.