TJN amongst the 21 biggest influences in tax today

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The International Tax Review (a subscription only publication) has produced a lengthy article that says:

To mark the 21st birthday of International Tax Review in November 2010 the editorial staff of the magazine decided to choose the twenty one most influential people or organisations in tax today.

The choice is eclectic, I admit:

It includes people like Jeffrey Owens at the OECD, the United Nations tax committee, Xiao Jie, the Commissioner of the state administration of taxation in China, Douglas Shulman, his equivalent in the USA, the International Accounting Standards Board, Paul Caron who runs the Taxprof blog and three NGOs. The first two of these are Christian Aid and Action Aid for their campaigning work on international taxation matters.The last is the Tax Justice Network.

The magazine incorrectly suggests that I am one of two founders of TJN alongside current chairman Bruno Gurtner: there were in fact several more, including, of course, international director John Christensen and Matti Kohonen, Sven Giegold, Andreas Missbach, Prem Sikka and maybe a few others. But, as they say, correctly:

Tax justice used to be the preserve of charities and hardened activists with beards.Now,after the economic cycle,with national debt and deficits spiralling out of control, cracking down on financial secrecy and tax avoidance has entered the political mainstreams. The Tax Justice Network exists to ensure it stays there.

I promise you, that is exactly what we will do.