More Durkin madness

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More wonders from Durkin.

The amount of benefit paid in the UK must be cut massively.


Low taxes in Hong Kong did for them what they did for the UK in the 18th and 19th century.

So now we know the model. It’s low tax. But no benefits. No minimum wage, no doubt. No health care (he says we should not have an NHS for the poor — they must have compulsory insurance instead — which of course they won;t be able to afford, as in the USA). And no social housing. And no doubt the end of statutory holidays. And no provision in the case of sickness. And no doubt no right of access to education.

Sheer madness.

And now he’s onto Laffer. No evidence given (because there is none — none at all — remember Hong Kong’s a tax haven that imports its profits — it does not generate them).

The absurdity of this is madness.

I sincerely hope C4 is going to offer a bunch of those who know better a right of reply.