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I’m watching the Channel 4 documentary by Martin Durkin on what he claims is wrong with the state.

The programme is so mad it is hard to believe anyone will take it seriously.

But let’s just take a quote:

When a private sector business fails its employees lose their jobs

No. We have a financial crisis because the banks did not go bust when they failed. We had to bail them out. Government was proved over night the most important economic player in the economy, and the underpinning of the well being of us all.

Was that mentioned? No, not of course not.

The analysis of the whole programme is based on a fantasy β€” a fantasy that’s dangerous to the well being of all in this country.

And based on an ethos that greed is good.

Surely we’ve learned that’s not true by now?

No, apparently the mad are still out there β€” as the programme revealed, time and time and time again.