A quiet reminder to commentators on this blog

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This blog is now averaging traffic of around 7,000 reads a day. I’m pleased.

Yesterday it received probably it’s highest number of comments in a day. Most are welcome. Most (90% or more,usually) get through moderation. Large numbers that do seek to disagree with me. And in a great many cases I bother to reply.

But there is also a current revival in three types of comment which almost always fail moderation.

The first is the comment that reiterates one of two themes. It is either “neoliberalism is revealed truth and there is no alternative” usually linked to a claim that I am mad or a communist for thinking otherwise.  The second is that tax havens are always beneficial and always will be. In neither case is argument usually offered in support β€” these are after all “revealed truths” so support is not required. There is ample opportunity for such comment elsewhere in the world. It does not add to debate and as such I delete it. The same goes for all libertarian nonsense.

The second type of comment is usually submitted after I have deleted a comment of the type previously noted and goes along the lines of “you’re not man enough to defend your case”. These are so juvenile I delete them too.

The third type is worse. It is abusive, occasionally of me (although I can live with that and allow some on), or of another commentator which I rarely accept, but more likely of those whom the commentator thinks are the poor / unemployed, those on benefit / those on state pensions or whatever. Such contempt β€” so prevalent amongst ConDem politicians and the right wing media β€” all of whom seem to encourage such abuse β€” are never going to be welcome here.

You can make these comments if you wish. But I will delete them. And I will not enter into correspondence about them.

You have been warned.

And please don’t submit bleating comments about this post. They’ll be deleted.