#6 in the economy rankings

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Wikio.co.uk. publish Top Blog rankings every month for several categories. This month sees the launch of their new Economy rankings.

They've sent me an advance copy of the listing, which is as follows:

1 The Economist - Democracy in America
2 BBC NEWS | Peston's Picks
3 The Economist - Free exchange
4 The Adam Smith Institute Blog
5 BBC NEWS | Stephanomics
6 Tax Research UK
7 beyondbrics
8 BBC NEWS | NEWSNIGHT | Idle Scrawl: Paul Mason's blog
9 Business: Market Forces blog | guardian.co.uk
10 A Fistful of Euros
11 malcolm coles
12 Free Exchange
13 Money: Money blog | guardian.co.uk
14 This is Money Blog
15 Geary Behaviour Centre
16 Economist's Forum
17 Knowing and Making
18 David Smith's EconomicsUK.com
19 Jonathan Farrington's Blog
20 Clive Crook's blog

Ranking calculated by Wikio

You’ll note Tax Research UK comes in at number 6.

But let’s put that in context: four of the five blogs that beat it are run by either the BBC or the Economist; the other has multiple authors.

And of those that follow Tax Research UK at least eight are run by major media organisations, one (Malcolm Coles) seems to have remarkably little economic content, and some of the others have multiple authors. No others are from a left of centre perspective (well, Paul Mason may well be, but not for the BBC).

In that context I am admit to being quite pleased with this ranking even if I have no clue how they cam up with it. I guess it’s traffic based.