Greece joins the Task Force on Financial Integrity and Economic Development

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The Task Force on Financial Integrity and Economic Development, of which Tax Research LLP is a coordinating committee member, is pleased to announce that Greece has become the newest member of the Task Force’s Partnership Panel.  Task Force Partnership Panel members include the Governments of Norway, Chile, Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, the Canadian International Development Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, and the Ford Foundation.

“We are pleased to welcome Greece to the Task Force Partnership Panel,” said Task Force Director, Raymond Baker.   “We look forward to working with Greece’s representative to the Panel, Mr. Ilias Plaskovistis, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Finance, on issues related to combating domestic tax issues and illicit financial flows.”

Launched in January 2009, the Task Force is a unique global coalition of civil society organizations and governments which advocates for greatly improved transparency and accountability in the global financial system.  Task Force membership is organized by the following component groups: Coordinating Committee,Partnership Panel, the Economist Advisory Council, and Allied Organizations.

The Task Force advocates five priorities in addressing the current global financial crisis, each one focusing on transparency and extending initiatives that have already begun to be put into place:

  • Curtailment of mispricing in trade imports and exports;
  • Country-by-country accounting of sales, profits, and taxes paid by multinational corporations;
  • Confirmation of beneficial ownership in all banking and securities accounts;
  • Automatic cross-border exchange of tax information on personal and business accounts; and
  • Harmonization of predicate offenses under anti-money laundering laws across all Financial Action Task Force cooperating countries.

The Partnership Panel mandate is to facilitate meetings with other government officials, provide information on discussions and conferences that are relevant to the Task Force, and strategize on how to best promote Task Force goals within governments, multilateral organizations, and other institutions.