A deep malignancy

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I admit that I feel sick this morning. Now that may be because I have both my sons off school, feeling quite unwell and I am coming down with what they have got. But I do not think I am sick because of them: I think I am feeling sick for them, and millions of other young people of their generation.

The papers are full of analysis of what George Osborne had to say yesterday. It is very obvious that his cuts focus most heavily on the poor, on women, on children, on the disabled, on those with learning difficulties, and because so many from racial minorities work in the public sector, on them as well. I'm sickened that my children will have to spend their teenage years in a country that will be torn apart by the deliberate choice of the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democratic Party in this country. I make clear, that is a choice. I know that we could have had a Green New Deal. I, and colleagues, have shown we can afford it. I know it could have rebalanced our economy.

What really sickens me is that I know that I will see my sons going through their teenage years without there being hope in our country. What hope will there be of employment for them? What incentive to create a business? What reason to take on the debt of going to University? In essence, what am I going to do apart from firing them with the desire for a different world to motivate them to play a full part in this society in which they live when those who are leading that society at this point of time have rejected all hope for the people of this country in their sacrifice to the bankers of this country?

The sight of ConDem backbenchers cheering the creation of millions of unemployed people yesterday; their pleasure at seeing so many people's lives blighted by the poverty they will deliver and the backslapping on the frontbench for George Osborne having delivered the greatest economic body blow to this country it is received for generations might have brought this sickness on. But this is no superficial complaint. A deep malignancy has been unleashed upon the United Kingdom and the person who is not worried to their core about the consequence has not appreciated just how serious the issue is.