Fighting the cuts

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I’ll be speaking at the TUC rally against the ConDem cuts at Central Hall Westminster today.


Because, as I might say:

If we stopped the cuts in staffing at HM Revenue and Customs.

And if we spent another billion pounds each year on tax collection.

And if we had a general anti-avoidance principle in the UK.

And if we stopped the abuse that the domicile rule allows in this country.

And if we had a proper bank tax.

And if we spent the money that the government proposes to spend on tackling benefit fraud on beating tax cheats then I can tell you this with absolute confidence.

We wouldn't get back £1 billion a year. We would get back £20 billion a year.

And that's the annual investment that we need now if we want turn this economy round to create the jobs we so badly need — and which would create the wealth and generate the tax — all the tax — we need to clear the deficit.

Which is exactly why we don’t need cuts.