Tories and secrecy jurisdictions – what a surprising mix!

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The Mail on Sunday reports:

Channel 4 was last night embroiled in an explosive row with the Government over an investigation into the financial affairs of Cabinet Ministers.

The documentary makes allegations about millionaire Ministers including Chancellor George Osborne, Transport Secretary Philip Hammond and International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell.

Last night, all three men strongly denied any implication that they had acted improperly by deploying tax-avoiding measures, with Mr Hammond warning that his ‘lawyers will be watching’ the programme tomorrow.

And the Foreign Office entered the row after learning that the report would claim that it had granted special financial treatment to the Cayman Islands — an infamous tax haven — thus indirectly benefiting companies run by Tory Party donors.

The programme is on Channel 4 at 8pm on Monday 18 October.

The producer tells me I appear six times. John Christensen also appears several times. But in case Mr Hammond’s lawyer’s are reading — the Mail story was the first occasion that I knew that he was in the programme.

So I look forward to learning more.