Miliband – singing the right tune on the economy

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Ed Miliband is singing the right tunes:

Ed Miliband has ruled out proposing fresh increases in personal taxation or cuts to middle-class child benefits as he promised to say more this week about how quickly and deeply Labour would cut the deficit before the coalition spending review on 20 October.

He continued: "I'm not proposing rises in personal taxation beyond those set out by Alastair Darling, definitely not, but what I am saying is if, for example, the banks can pay more or you can clamp down on tax avoidance, you should do so". Miliband has spoken of doubling the bank levy.

We don’t need tax increases overall now — they have the same economic impact as cuts.

As Darling made clear — we do need a more progressive tax system.

And it’s clear the Tax Gap is now part of the agenda.

As are taxes on banks.

I but that agenda.

Dammit, I could have written that agenda.