The Task Force on Financial Integrity and Economic Development

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Tax Research UK is a member of the Task Force on Financial Integrity and Economic Development.

The Task Force has its conference next week.

The Task Force has more than 70 allied members now, most from developing countries:

5th Pillar (USA)

Aakar Trust (India)

Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (Afghanistan)

AfriCOG (Kenya)

African Citizens Development Foundation (Nigeria)

African Monitor (South Africa)

African Network for Environmental and Economic Justice (Nigeria)

Anti Corruption Committee (India)

Article 19 (United Kingdom)

Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (Bangladesh)

BankTrack (The Netherlands)

Berne Declaration (Switzerland)

Campaign for America’s Future (USA)

Center for Research, Innovation and Training (Nepal)

Centre for Development Studies and Activities (India)

Centre for Transforming India (India)

Charities Aid Foundation India (India)

Development Action Group (South Africa)

Dream A Dream (India)

Economic Justice Network (South Africa)

Empowerment Gateway (Portugal)

eStandardsForum (USA)

Ethics Institute of South Africa (South Africa)

Ethiopian Economic Association (Ethiopia)

Experts in Responsible Investment Solutions (United Kingdom)

Foreign Policy in Focus (USA)

Global Concerns India (India)

Global Health Council (USA)

Global Network for Good Governance (Cameroon)

Gram Bharati Samiti (India)

HELIO International (France)

Indo-Global Social Service Society (India)

Indonesian Corruption Watch (Indonesia)

INSEC (Nepal)

Institute of Rural Research and Development (India)

Integrity Watch Afghanistan (Afghanistan)

Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (Kenya)


Les Enfants D’Abord (France)

Lokoj Institue (Bangladesh)

Malaysian Society for Transparency and Integrity (Malaysia)

MANS (Montenegro)

Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns (USA)

MediaGlobal (USA)

Olive Leaf Foundation (South Africa)

Pakistani Institute of Legislative Development & Transparency (Pakistan)

Partners in Change (India)

Partnership for Transparency Fund (USA)

PRAGATI, Koraput (India)

Praxis (India)

Pro Public (Nepal)

Saath Charitable Trust (India)

SANGOCO (South Africa)

SHERPA (France)

Social Activities for Rural Development Society (India)

Society for All Round Development (India)

TANGO (Tanzania)

The Association on Third World Affairs (USA)

The Center for Economic and Social Development (Azerbaijan)

The Fight Against Corruption (South Africa)

The Foundation for the Development of Africa (South Africa)

The Oakland Institute (USA)

Transnational Institute (The Netherlands)

Transparency Ethiopia (Ethiopia)

Transparency International Indonesia (Indonesia)

Transparency International Nepal (Nepal)

Transparency International Pakistan (Pakistan)

Transparency International Uganda (Uganda)

Transparency Maroc (Morocco)

Transparency Zero Corruption (Macedonia)

Universal Giving (USA)

USAction (USA)

VOICE (Bangladesh)

World Policy Institute (USA

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