The Tea Party: a thereat to us all

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From the FT:

The Republican Party continued its rollercoaster ride on Tuesday night when a controversial Tea Party candidate won the party’s Senate nomination for Delaware in what was the biggest poke in the eye to the party’s establishment in a year of many such setbacks.

Christine O’Donnell, who has been widely berated by senior Republicans as a flawed character for having invented large chunks of her resum?¬©, using party funds to pay her own personal expenses, and highly eccentric social views, defeated Mike Castle, the long-serving congressman for the small state who was until recently considered a shoo-in.

The only good news:

Ms O’Donnell’s victory, which was helped by a last minute endorsement from Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in Tea Party donations, means the state’s Senate seat will almost certainly now be retained by Democrats in the November 2 mid-term polls.

The Tea Party is a threat to just about everything of real value. Even democracy itself.

The fight is on.

I hope the Democrats are up for it.

The Labour Party had better be.