From IFS to Treasury – how convenient

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Filling the job of the head of the so called independent Office for Budget Responsibility was always going to be a nightmare — because the incoming office holder had to buy Osborne’s argument that there was an inherited significant structural deficit in the UK’s funding, and not many actually do agree with that idea — at last as Osborne claims it.

But there cometh the man - Robert Chote, the head of the Institute for Fiscal Studies who was named today named by George Osborne as the new head of the Office for Budget Responsibility.

Oh well, it was predictable. I’ve always argued the IFS is strongly Tory inclined.

And how convenient for Stephanie Flanders at the BBC — formerly of the IFS — who can now apply for Chote’s job and really let her desire for unlimited cuts have full rip.

Happy days for right wing tax geeks, eh?

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