Who did the Big 4 fund before the general election?

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The issue of who the Big 4 did fund before the election seems to have been of some (actually, considerable) interest since the figures for the Tories were posted here.

I’m grateful to commentator Infrequent Observer for updating the data to cover all the major political parties. As he or she put it:

Just to bring some balance to the story, below is a table detailing donations received by the Labour and Lib-Dem Partys from the same audit firms for the same period. It seems all parties benefit from ‘pro bono’ work to some extent. I am not saying I agree with it, just pointing out it isn’t just the Tories that accepted donations. I guess consideration also needs to be given to whether the support was offered by the audit firms (demonstrates leanings by firm toward one party over the other) or asked for by the parties (demonstrates more resources required by one party over the other). The answer to this may inform why the numbers are as they are.


Firm Labour Conservative Lib Dem





Ernst & Young




Grant Thornton

















I note what Infrequent Observer says.

But let me also be candid, I note considerable bias.

And that justifies my belief that:

a) Nothing these firms says is objective;

b) These firms have sought to use their influence to capture public revenue streams for their private benefit.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not for a minute suggesting impropriety. But that was never needed. I’m simply saying their lobbying to a particular party achieved results from which they can very obviously gain, and that must have been a foreseeable, and anticipated outcome.

And I can say I find that distasteful. Because I do.