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Passions are running high on Low Value Consignment Relief (LVCR) at Wikipedia.

Do some think they have something to defend?

Is tax abuse defensible?

The editorial perspective that:

1. loophole implies an unnecessary value judgment, and if there is a loophole, it is a loophole in UK VAT legislation and not a CI loophole at all.

2. Article biased by seeming to assume that the UK VAT situation was "normal" and the CI situation an "exception".

3. Article appeared to imply that UK company complaints were justified

is extremely dubious.

First there is a loophole.

Second it is being exploited.

Third it is being exploited from the Channel Islands.

Fourth UK companies are profiting as a result.

Fifth the UK exchequer is losing hundreds of millions as a consequence.

Denying there is a problem in that case is not just pedantry – it is wilful censorship.

And I suspect it is someone in the industry doing that censorship.