Somehow two weeks passed

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And somehow two weeks passed from the time when I said I might not be moderating many comments.

My apologies to those who have commented over the past two weeks. I warned that there might be a delay in moderating comments, but I did not intend to be that long. A concentration on new work programmes flowed into holiday somewhat seamlessly — and the Northumberland coast seems to have no internet in the air, no hot spots and only the occasional signal to keep a Blackberry going. And given that moderating comments (or even blogging come to that) from a Blackberry is a complete pain I didn’t bother.

So yes, that is a giveaway that all last week’s blogs were pre-posted. It happens sometimes. I guess I could just not blog, but it’s just not my style anymore. So I simply stack a few up for when I go away, and auto-post.

And there was me moaning about people who didn’t quite get the holiday spirit!