School starting age to be raised to 11?

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The sheer impossibility of the ConDems delivering the cuts they have promised becomes more apparent by the day. Take this from the FT:

Cutting funding for schools and services remains one of the most charged political issues in the spending review. Axing a quarter of this department's budget would be equivalent to cutting all funding to primary schools and Sure Start centres.

In other words, to achieve this goal is equivalent to increasing the school starting age to 11. That’s ludicrous.

But even more absurd is he idea that the teachers and teaching assistants who lose their jobs will have to then sit on the dole watching the children of this country go uneducated when there is nothing at all – I stress no reason whatsoever – why hey should not enjoy the education they deserve.

The case for tax, not cuts, and then only when unemployment is falling, grows by the day.