The ‘Plan for Pain’ is coming

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As the FT notes today:

Mr Osborne believes the public will be with him on Tuesday. But in spite of opinion polls showing that a majority accept the need for cuts in general, nothing has fully prepared people for what is about to land on their heads.

I did my only small piece of research on this today. OK, not wholly scientific, I agree, as it was undertaken from the barber’s chair here in deep Tory Norfolk but what I found quite surprised me and was confirmed as commonplace by the barber himself – a man I’ve got to know over a few years. People are really frightened about what might happen on Tuesday. They think they’re going to suffer. They think the less well off are going to be hit hard (the survey population is biased in their favour, I might add). And they’re really angry about it.

The ConDem ‚ÄòPlan for Pain’ is deliberately designed to make ordinary people suffer whilst the best off benefit. And they realise that now. Even here in Tory heartland.

This would be interesting except for the fact it is going to be so nasty.