Obama 1: Cameron 0

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FT.com / UK / Politics & policy - Cameron steps into fray to defend BP.

As the FT notes:

David Cameron, the British prime minister, has leapt to BP’s defence, emphasising the “economic value” the oil company brings to the UK and US, in a clear signal of British concerns over the rhetoric about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Added value is hard to find when entire natural infrastructures and economies are being destroyed. Cameron is wrong.

Obama is right: BP must pay ever last dime.

Both need to say that this signals peak oil has happened.

Both need to say that this means it is time for the Green New Deal.

Both must support country-by-country reporting - the system of accounting that would show the in state resources of any company to deal with such a disaster and which must therefore become an integral part of their licence to operate.