Watch out for a disaster of monumental proportions coming your way soon

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David Cameron: cuts 'will change British life' | Politics | The Guardian.

The ConDems have apparently come up with the perfect solution for reforming government in the face of cuts:

The former BP boss Lord Browne is being lined up to be a "super director" with the job of inserting private sector business practices into the heart of government.

This is the man now widely credited with such little foresight that BP has lurched from one disaster to another as a consequence of his inability to anticipate risk, let alone uncertainty. He did also, it might be recalled, have to retire early.

So, now anticicpate:

  1. Leaks galore;
  2. Environmental disaster;
  3. Massive risk taking leaving untold legacies for future generations to clear up;
  4. Economic meltdown;
  5. More resignations in unfortunate circumstances.

Will they ever learn?