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David Laws will bounce back from resignation, say senior Conservatives | Politics | .

If there's anyone mourning the end of one of the shortest cabinet careers ever I think they need to seek professional help.

David Laws fulfilled all my expectations of the Orange Book Liberals: cold, ruthless, uncaring willingness to inflict harm on the ordinary people of this country in pursuit of a bankrupt mantra based on economic ineptitude: extreme in the nineteenth century; unpalatable beyond imagination now.

Worse than that, the excuse offered for his deception is clear evidence of a cold, calculated and deliberate abuse based on fine reading of the rules and the use of the mindset of the tax avoider: that the spirit of the law may be legitimately abused.

I am delighted this man has been exposed for such abuse.

May any others who have done the same follow in his path.

This mentality needs to be consigned to history - and this government with it.

His excuses reveal he must have known what his doing, and it is inconceivable that a man of his training did not: he deserves the certain destruction of his career that will follow.

This government knows the harm it plans to unleash on this country: they deserve the same fate.

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