Government boycotts Question Time over Alastair Campbell

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Government boycotts Question Time over Alastair Campbell appearance | Media | The Guardian .

The ConDems really are proving themselves a) inept in the media b) very illiberal:

The BBC has accused the government of political interference after it refused to provide a ministerial guest for Question Time unless Alastair Campbell was removed as a panellist.

BBC executives said they rejected the demand and tonight's show went out without a representative from the coalition government.

Gavin Allen, the show's executive editor, posted a blog on the BBC website saying No 10 had insisted that Tony Blair's former director of communications was replaced by a shadow cabinet member. "Very obviously we refused," Allen wrote, "and as a result no minister appeared, meaning that the government was not represented on the country's most-watched political programme in Queen's speech week – one of the most important moments in the parliamentary calendar."

Couldn't they handle him?

That's ridiculous.