The Strange Death of the Rainbow Coalition

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UK: The Strange Death of the Rainbow Coalition | Social Europe Journal.

My friend and Compass writing colleague George Irwin has written:

To be sure, Britain today does not lack the issues to animate a more progressive politics — climate change, fighting poverty, minority rights, a fairer income distribution, to name but a few. But the centre-left is no longer to be found in a single party, and in some cases it is more engaged in grass-roots movements.

A new politics is needed, a politics of coalition between the different organisation and campaigns across the spectrum of centre-left parties. An essential ingredient of such politics is a change in the voting system, a new constitutional settlement which breaks with the smug insularity of those who argue for the unique virtue of Britain’s creaking voting arrangements. Theirs is the language of Thatcher and Sons, a language which must finally be abandoned if progressive politics is to thrive again in Britain.

I agree.

As I also agree with Polly Toynbee today who says that Labour need not rush a leadership election. Issues need to be decided first.