If Cameron ran a dismal campaign what chance has he as a PM?

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Congratulations, Mr Cameron. Now learn the lessons of a dismal campaign | Tim Montgomerie | Comment is free | The Guardian .

Tim Montgomerie of ConservativeHome has written a 7,000 word dossier condemning Cameron's management of the election campaign. As he has written in the Guardian:

Ahead of last week's election, everything was set up for the Conservative party. The British economy was weak. Gordon Brown's reputation was in tatters. The Labour party was divided. In contrast, Cameron was the most popular Tory leader for a generation in mid-term polls. The party was twice as well-funded as Labour and was able to afford the most professional marginal-seats operation ever seen in UK politics.

And yet, the Tories fell short.

That's a massive understatement.

With all the money any party leader could dream of thanks to Ashcroft he failed. And now he's in charge of our economy.

With Brown massively unpopular he couldn't win the argument for his convictions - because as Simon Jenkins in the Guardian argues - he travels ideology-lite. He wnated - as Vince Cable rather nicely put it weeks ago - to get his friends noses in the trough. That was it.

And who is condemned most of all - George Osborne, as I predicted last Thursday. As Montgomerie says:

The shadow chancellor, George Osborne, never developed a consistent economic message

And this is the man who is now meant to close the deficit, reassure markets and avert another recession - all at the same time. Not a hope.

The message is clear - even the Tories think the team now running the country are second rate. And that's on day #1.

Wait until May 2015 and see what they think then.

ConDem will be phrase the country will echo then.