FIFA demands tax free status

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An extraordinary article from the BBC web site says:

The BBC can reveal, for the first time, the full scale of the remarkable tax concessions that the world football authority Fifa demands of countries that wish to host a World Cup competition.

This Friday, 14 May, in Zurich in Switzerland, representatives of footballing countries around the world will submit their bids to host either the 2018 or 2022 tournaments.

The bidding nations have been asked to comply with a wide variety of conditions that Fifa has laid down - and which it would like to keep confidential.

Among them is that the entire event should be free of tax for Fifa.

"Any host country requires a comprehensive tax exemption to be given to Fifa and further parties involved in the hosting and staging of an event," said a Fifa spokesman.

This means that to be successful in its bid, the UK government must agree to forgo tens of millions of pounds in tax for the benefit of Fifa, which - as a charitable organisation - pays hardly any tax to its home country of Switzerland.

It also appears to mean that the tournament income of the players, some of whom are among the highest paid earners in the world, should also be exempt from tax.

This is extraordinary.

Take, for example, the case of South Africa. It has spent a fortune building facilities for the Wold Cup and it seems unlikely that FIFA will be allowing it any return at all.

This is straightforwardly abusive, and abusive in the private interests of an enormously wealthy elite.

Right around the world people should be profoundly disgusted at this abuse of developed and developing countries alike.