Back to plan A

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Gordon Brown told it's time to go as hopes fade for deal with Lib Dems | Politics | The Guardian .

On Saturday I promoted the idea that it was best for Labour that they accepted the loss of this election and for the Lib Dems that they did not go in with the Tories. Minority government was the suggestion.

Yesterday on seeing the undoubted chaos in the Tories I wondered if it was best for Labour and Lib Dems to exploit this.

Candidly, I think that chance is over. Clegg gas flirted for too long with the Tories not to go with them now.

As the Guardian notes:

That is leading a growing body of older ministers to argue that Labour should now recognise this is a good election to lose, relinquish power and regroup with dignity.

So, back to plan A then.

But I fear the Lib Dems will pay a high price for this. I for one will find it much harder to ever vote for them again. The idea that they are progressive is being shattered, very fast. But it's quite good that Lib Dem support on the economy will make it very hard for Cameron to say we need the distraction of another election for a year or two - just long enough to prove how unacceptable what he's proposing is and not long enough to allow it to inflict too much harm.