Vince Cable attacks ‘billionaire tax dodgers’

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General election 2010: Vince Cable attacks 'billionaire tax dodgers' | Politics | .

There's not a lot of courage on display in the election campaign. Vince Cable offers an exception:

Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman Vince Cable has attacked "billionaire tax dodgers" who attempt to influence government fiscal policy.

Addressing the Institute of Directors' annual meeting, Cable warned against "scaremongering" over the prospect of a hung parliament, remarking that far from being a "disaster" for the economy, it would instead force an end to political tribalism.

Cable has offered withering criticism in the past of businessmen who have signed a Tory endorsed letter attempting to block a planned increase innational insurance. He described himself as "a critical" friend of business.

"I have no time for billionaire tax dodgers who step off the plane from their tax havens into the country where they make their money and have the effrontery to tell us how to vote and how to run our tax policies," he said.

"If some of them came onshore and paid their taxes it would make a useful dent in the budget deficit."

Honest. Candid. True.