Ken Clarke

Posted on / Comment / Opinion - A hung parliament would be a tragedy for Britain.

Ken Clarke has written in the FT:

I find the idea that the British produce an inconclusive result particularly worrying, because I don’t think the bond markets will wait for the discussions and the horse-trading. Sterling will wobble. If the British do not vote in a government with a working majority, and the markets conclude we cannot tackle the debt and deficit, then the International Monetary Fund will have to do it for us. That will be the view outside.

Let's unpack that, shall we? That paragraph then becomes:

Vote Tory or we'll send our banking friends round to beat you up.

And this from the man who also wrote in the same article:

A hung parliament, a minority government, held together by backroom deals with the Scottish and Welsh nationalists, the Lib Dems and Ulstermen would be a tragedy. The uncertainty would kill the recovery. It would do nothing to improve the reputation of our parliamentary system. It would leave us in the same hole of financial incompetence and institutional loathing that we are in today, with seedy deals between political fixers digging us deeper in by the day.

Unpacked this says:

I hate democracy, the right of people to decide, the Union and all who come from outside England, parliament, accountability and the right of a government to rule.

I think we should leave it all to the markets and we'll do just what they want.

And this from a man who served as Chancellor in one of the sleaziest, most incompetent governmentss we've seen - Major's from 92 to 97.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not exonerating New Labour from massive contempt for parliament either - but from Clarke this is beyond the pale. And a typical act of a market besotted thug.