Cameron’s hypocrisy

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A friend has sent me the following email:

From: Cameron, David []
Sent: 17 April 2010 13:54
Subject: RE: Commit to a vultures law

I am writing on behalf of David Cameron to thank you for contacting us about the Debt Relief (Developing Countries) Bill.

At Conservative insistence, this Bill was included in the ‚Äòwash-up’ process in Parliament before the Election. We are delighted that the Bill, as amended by the Conservative Frontbench, has gone through. We congratulate all the people who have campaigned so hard on this issue over the last few months.

Thank you, once again, for getting in touch.

Yours sincerely


James Bull

Office of David Cameron

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The tone of this mail may come as something of a surprise to readers of this blog.

The Tories did all they could to kill the Vulture Fund bill in the Commons. Front bencher Christopher Chope MP tried very hard to block its progress.

Then Cameron, under the guise of support for another Bill, seeks to claim credit for it passing.

Pure hypocrisy.