Warburton brings shame on the profession – again

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Lib Dem manifesto: can you trust the numbers? | Politics | guardian.co.uk .

The Guardian reports:

Tax accountants, who make their living helping clients avoid tax legally, said the Lib Dems' plans were unrealistic.

"If it was possible, it would have been done by now," said Mike Warburton, partner at Grant Thornton. "Politicians of all parties come up with these plans, which are incredibly popular with the electorate, but find it is a bit like picking up a bar of slippery soap – you think you've got it, then it slips away. Accountants and lawyers will find ways round whatever rules are in place to help our clients."

Asking Warburton about tax avoidance is like asking a burglar for comment on crime statistics. He creates those stats on tax avoidance - why on earth listen to what he has to say about them?

But he's wrong. The report I helped co-write for Compass shows that. The Green New Deal has also done so. As has the Missing Billions for the TUC.

Warburton is wrong. Completely wrong.

And it's patently obvious to anyone that this must be the case. He brings shame on the profession by speaking as he does. - saying time and again he will abuse any law put in his path. It's sickening that he does so.