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It's time to stop genuflecting to the big business bullies | Polly Toynbee | Comment is free | The Guardian .

Polly Toynbee spills the beans in the Guardian today on work to be published by Compass next week on what should be in a Labour manifesto and what people thought of the idea when polled:

What might Labour do? Still wrangling over the manifesto, their only hope is to be the change that Cameron isn't. Even adopting a few of the beacon policies to be published next week by Compass would energise Labour support – and the opinion polling proves it. Electoral reform to break the Westminster stalemate (65% support), splitting banks to shed their casinos (68%), cut Trident (63%), take back the railways (70%), ban advertising to children (77%), replace fees with a fairer graduate tax (88%), a Robin Hood tax on bank transactions (53%), cap loan shark interest rates (89%), create a high-pay commission (65%) – and a living wage (58%).

Now that would be a manifesto.

Labour would win, hands down.

So why won't it say it?