Who won?

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The budget debate on Channel 4 tonight was fascinating.

Vince Cable won on honesty and obvious integrity, especially when refusing to give commitments.

Alastair darling hit Osborne hard on NIC and he had no defence at all – especially as he couldn’t defend now spending savings he ridiculed last week

Cable and Darling both shoed quick wittedness and humour and Osborne none

Darling was most economically coherent – Vince was confused on fundamentals. Osborne so obviously sailed with the wind it was laughable

Overall Vince is most competent

But he can’t be Chancellor – as we all know. So Darling won.

Labour’s right to pick on Osborne, as both cable and darling did with great effect. He really is a Tory weak link.

Osborne’s classic line “I’m competent to be Chancellor because I’ve spent five years watching a man do the job”. watching paint dry does not a make a person a decorator.