Tyngewick Gawcott: Success in Doctoral Studies

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Tyngewick Gawcott: Success in Doctoral Studies.

Too good not to note:

At a recent research forum the following success index for PhD studies was proposed:

PhD Success Formula

S= (HW + 3M + NR/4)xC/A
(1 + FM + FB/10 + S)

Where: HW= Hours worked on thesis

M = meetings with supervisor

NR = number of references

C= Average number of cups of tea/coffee per day +1

A=Average units of alcohol per day + 1

FM = ln(Number of family members)

FB= Number of Facebook friends

S= Number of Sports teams supported + 4 x Number of sports played regularly.

While this is clearly an early attempt at a descriptive index related to probability of success it indicates the need for further research to improve the functional form and parameterisation. One commentator has already suggested that comsumption of illegal drugs should be added into the measurement of A, for example.

Thanks Mike.

Now I know where I went wrong. 🙂