Doctor’s temperature rising

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RSM Tenon calls for doc amnesty extension - Accountancy Age.

A couple of months ago HM Revenue & Customs announced a tax amnesty especially for doctors.

Now Accountancy Age notes:

RSM Tenon has called for an extension to the 31 March deadline for the taxman's amnesty aimed at the medical profession.

The UK's seventh biggest accountancy practice made the call because medical professionals are also scrambling to meet NHS year-end requirements to finish work they have agreed to undertake.

Doctors and dentists must notify HM Revenue & Customs by 31 March if they want to take part in The Tax Health Plan, allowing them to make a full disclosure and settle any outstanding liabilities in return for a 10% penalty.

Let's be clear what that 'NHS requirement' is - it's getting all the paperwork done to earn bonus points that equate to cash under the crazy contract that exists for doctors.

This is not patient care matters - this is pure profit motive matters.

I'd suggest they'd be better off disclosing their past tax fraud and that they stop trying to win off the state from all directions.